Weekly car insurance for young drivers with no credit required, bad driving record accepted

These days, a number of insurance providers specialize in offering weekly car insurance for young drivers. The learner drivers can take the help of this policy to drive anyone else’s car from the age of 17 upwards and for the drivers from 19 upwards, a full driving licensing cover is also available.

The decision of the insurers to offer the cheapest car insurance no credit check online is based on different types of factors and these include the driving experience, age, the postcode and also the accident record of the driver if any. So, to get this insurance, the young drivers need to qualify to all these criteria without any issues. Though the convictions or accidents can’t necessarily stop any auto insurance policy from being issued, but this can actually affect the rate of premium.

Each of the insurers includes a list of cars that can be covered weekly car insurance for learner drivers and these are the most popular vehicles available on the roads. Besides, you must keep in mind that there is a maximum amount that can be paid off in case of total loss of your car. Therefore, the car should be properly registered, should have maximum number of seats including the drivers and should be unmodified except the modifications required for the disabled drivers.

The young drivers can easily apply for this type of insurance to cover either a light van or car, which they own or which they may have borrowed with the permission of the owner. This would include: the car of the young driver that he/she had laid up for a certain period or a friend’s car that the young driver is driving for a specific period.

Though getting this type of car insurance is really simple, but this doesn’t mean that you will choose the insurance policy from any insurance provider you find. Rather, the best option is to shop around and collect as many quotes as possible before settling for any finally. If you want to buy the weekly auto insurance policies or want to conduct a car insurance comparison no credit check, then pay a visit to monthtomonthcarsinsurance.com.


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